Safety Statement

Our mission is to ensure the continued well being of our employees and yours by eliminating injuries and incidents.

  • Safety is integral to our business.
  • We are committed to a policy of safety first and providing all employees with a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Our culture is built around the belief that an informed and prepared employee is a safe and productive employee.
  • Continuous improvement is achieved through active employee participation in safety meetings, safety incentive programs, and safety committees.

Message from Safety Director - Ilene Ferrell

QPS invests in safety. By implementing safe work practices we have leaner project costs overall, a higher rate of production, reduced injuries, and superior project quality.

We are committed to providing our employees and customers with the high level of safety and quality that we are known for. Our highest priority is to perform our work without injury or incident.

At QPS we have grown our safety culture through training and continuous improvement to create an injury free work environment. We continue to promote our culture of safety to give it the visibility it deserves and showcase our employee pride in working safe.

Our EHS team is equipped with resources and information our crews need to drive compliance and performance expectations. EHS team members are certified with the BCSP and authorized by OSHA to provide 10 and 30 hour training.

We lead our competition by truly comprehending what our crews need to be successful. Planning for safety is in everyone’s best interest. The results are efficiency and quality, with the end goal always being safety first.

Quality is our work and Safety is our goal.

Our safety culture has prospered as we increase our customer base and build stakeholder relationships.


  • We collaborate with members of SafeBuild Alliance to promote an incident free construction industry.
  • We maintain Gold status with ConstructSecure Contractor Safety Assessment Program.